This page is dedicated to Yaa ASANTEWAA

“If you the men will not go forward, then we will, we the women will. I shall call upon my fellow women. We will fight the white men. We will fight until the last of us falls in the battlefields””



Born in 1840 in Ghana, Yaa Asantewaa was queen mother of Ejisu in the Ashanti/Asante Empire (presently in modern-day Ghana). Inducted queen mother by her brother, Nana Akwasi Afrane Okpese, the ruler of Edwesu, she nominated her grandson as Ruler of Ejisu following her brother’s demise.

British Invasion And Bullying

The King of the Ashanti Prempeh I and grandson of Yaa Asantewaa were exiled to Seychelles in 1896 by the British. British governor, Sir Frederick Mitchell Hodgson demanded that the Golden Stool, the royal and divine throne of the Ashanti people be handed over to the British.

“Stand Up And Fight”

A conference of the chiefs of the Asante kingdom was held. Disgusted with attitude of some chiefs who were scared to fight the British, Yaa Asantewaa, Gatekeeper of the Golden Stool, asserted that if the men don’t come forward, then women will fight. This charged up the men initiating the War of the Golden Stool, also known as the Yaa Asantewaa War that marked last war in a series of Anglo-Ashanti Wars. The British won the war and Yaa Asantewaa was exiled in the Seychelles where she died after two decades.

A Strong Woman

Yaa Asantewaa was an African women of strength and bravery who would rather fight than watch her enemies steal and destroy her kingdom.

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