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This page is dedicated to Kemi SEBA, a revolutionary.

What the African Elites are not doing for the people, the people will do for themselves “

Who Is Kemi SEBA

Born on the 9 December 1981, Stellio Gilles Robert Capo Chichi, KEMI SEBA is the founder and leader of Urgences Panafricanistes. 

The Black Panther Party Passage

Kemi Seba took this name as a change of ideology. He was a member of the Black Panther Party (BPP) then under Malick Zulu Shabbaz, when he was an 18 years old. Already engaged fully in fighting for the Black race. He later visited Egypt and learned more about his ancient ancestry and soon left the BPP.

The Tribu Ka

Kemi then settled in France and founded Tribu K (possibly Tribu Kamite) in 2004. In Paris Kemi’s organisational skills and grand aura coupled with great oratory gifts attracted his many enemies who until now were in the shadows. He was then accused of anti semitism, just like his predecessors, Khalid Muhammad and Malick Zulu Shabbaz.

The Rise Of A New Movement

The young Kemi was now very much in the public eye in France, where his activism and work for the Black community took an exponential rise making even the political elite tremble. He was many times falsely accused of verbal aggression against the jews when he was most of the time defending his own members or even a member of the Black community against wicked racists who proved themselves over the entire existence of France. The proof lies in the many times he was arrested and sent to prison, in the image of Malcolm X, Martin Luther King, Patrice Lumumba and many other African heroes.

Taking Back The Fight in Africa

Now settled in Benin, where his parents originated from, Kemi travels across Africa as the “People’s voice” to uplift Black people in order for them to attain total liberation and real indepandance. He briefly lived and worked in Senegal as a geopolitical analyst for local TV stations. He also travels to other parts of the world, exchanging ideas with leaders who fight against the capitalist system that exploit the many and enrich the few. He has met Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, ex president of the Republic of Iran, Fidel Castro and other prominent anti capitalist leaders. 


In 2016, Urgences Panafricanistes was created. This was a masters stroke from Kemi, scaling his fight as his vision for Africa needed a bigger and better platform, that of political Nature. 

Business Ventures

Kemi has organised numerous young Africans, eager to fight for the total freedom of the African continent and the Africans. There is now a branch of Urgences Panafricanists in almost in most African countries as well as in the Caribbeans and Europe.There is also a business set up and ran in Benin showing successful result amongst various communities.

Kemi has a strong support from honorable football stars such as Nicholas ANELKA while Urgences Panafricanistes has grown strong and confidents in the victory against Neo imperialists as well as African puppets working to serve their masters.

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