This page is dedicated to Dr Malachi Z. York

“If you stop trying, you start dying”  Dr Malachi Z. York

Dr Malachi York,

“I came giving you what you want, until you learn to want what I have came to give”

Born on the 26 June 1945, Malachi Zodok York, also known as Amunubi Re Akh Ptah is the leader of an nation called Wu-nuwupu. His followers are called Wu-nuwaupians.

His mission: Dr Malachi has made of his mission, the mental and physical liberation of his disciples worldwide.

Dr Malachi is at present, as we write, the only black leader who has written Over 1257 books” according to his son Prince York,on a wide variety of subjects including: religion, extra-terrestrials, life, health, death, culture, etc… Malachi is also the only black leader in modern times to have given a land, a whole language system and a calendar to his followers in order to liberate black people.

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