What’s Going On In The World Today

I look Around To Say






Tweeter to sweeten things


Snap, Careful That’s a Trap

Social Media To Control the masses

Power Thirsty Mind Control

To Control The Races

New World Order

Oddly Disaster

Institutionally organised Crime Chaos And Confusion

But The Ancient Egyptian Order Kemet

Was The First Old New World Order

Thousands Of Years Of Pure Bliss

Justice Peace

And Prosperity All Over The Earth

suprem Beings Of High Morals

Knowledge, Wisdom And Standing

Then Came Their Children,

The Mighty Black Pharaohs

Whose Intellect, Ingenuity In Continuity

Are Still Seen Today 

In the World Of Politics


Science, education and Philosophy

Great-Great-Great Grand Children

Came in As Gods And Goddesses

Gave Birth To Kings and Key-Wins

To Teach Mindkind

Kind Of Man

How to Read, Write, Religion

And Hygene

Now Comes The Damn Fool Ruler

The Barbarian Ruler

The Weak and Wicked




Mentally Sick

Manly Beast


Terrorist Criminal Cops

Made in America

Murderers of innocent Black Souls 

Who Have No Self-defence

Hypocrate The Day Before

Hypocrites today


Many Of Us In The World

Discretely Worshiping Ancient Africa

And Supreme Being Amen Ra

But Pretend To Worship

An Invisble God Allah

Or A dead Man On A Cross

Or A Brick Wall In Jerusalem

Originally Haru-Salam

Now Over There In Dares-Salam

Today They Are Still Desecrating

Sacred Tombs, temples And Monuments

Digging Up Artefacts

And Concrete Evidence

Ignorantly Displaying The Greatness Of the Black Man

And Black Woman

In Their (A)muse-ums

But In Their Evil Action



To Self-destruction

Doom And Gloom

Demise And Downfall

As The Sun Rise Again

Black Man Is Rising Again

To Take Care Of The Planet

to Build Another Kemet

Another Ancient Africa

Even Greater Than

The One Before 




like a clown

with a crown

head of snake, head of state

people suffer, up for sale

on a great scale

land so rich, people so poor

president, remote controlled from the Elysee, Downing Street, Vatican and Whasington

puppet of the game

have no shame

new age slaves digging gold

new age slaves digging graves

president of the palace, not the nation

resident of this high place

and a disgrace

diamond, oil, gold, gas, cocoa all gone

given to the masters

empty speeches

empty promises, little pretty lies

given to the masses

here he is running again

again, again and again


raging for this seat

seat of Saturn

opponents he can’t beat

fearing a defeat

cast under his feet

he is a dragon

from Draco

mouth full, belly full, pockets full

ever a fool

a puppet (3x)

a clown

a seller

a lier



anti amalgamation (2x)

fallacies in his palaces

his legacies

fallacies in his policies

his legacies

fallacies in his poli-tricks

fallacies in his politics

his legacies





France and her arrogance

Robbin’ 14 African countries

Of their vast wealth,  riches and finance

It all started with violence

Since the Berlin Conference


A gathering of gangsters

She is a gang member

Amongst gangs, with sharp fangs

Chopping Africa into tiny little countries

Of human flesh to be devoured alive

Fast forward, 1958

Here we are talking about giving you your independence

But in order for you to get your independence

from us

You must sign this document

Pact for the continuation 

of colonisation

Yes you heard it I repeat

Pact for the continuation of colonisation

Pact with the devil

Packed with evil

Maybe Africans in their wisdom and divine

need to redefine

The word independence for France

In her confused and deluded mind state

In the form of thugs, gangs and criminals

In the likes of Napoleon, Degaulle

and Foccart

Coercing Africa into fake independence

Forcing Africa into fake dependance

Robbing 14 African nations of the

equivalent of 500 billion Dollars

Year in, year out since 1958

Until today, from us

So called poor African nations

Now 1944

Over 17000 African warriors

All fearless warriors

Set foot on Europe’s corridors

to fight, defend and free France

From the jaws of German nazis

Such fierce freedom fighters

For France’s freedom and liberty

But for their repay

Honours, bravery and efforts

Many of them die

diabolically discriminated against

And wickedly assassinated by the 

same France and Degaulle

in camp Thiaroye Dakar Senegal

for commending respect,

equal rights and justice

France’s own liberty

Equality, Fraternity

Just pure hypocrisy

Turned on it’s head, exposed

You see, 

It take African Gods

To debunk their codes

It takes African warriors

Freedom fighters, liberators

And revolutionaries

to save us

Save ours

Our youth

Our youngsters

So called gangsters

Set up to hate and slay one another

For the benefit of the real big 


Now take heed

Freedom must come

Liberation must come

Reparations must come

Compensation must come

Righteousness must slam

Falshood, fakehood


And big time robbery

From the masters, the monsters

The real gangsters

France masters, the criminals

The real gangsters

The masters, the monsters,

The real gansters




Heros and Sheros

Heros & Sheros is a gracious homage to Dr Laila Africa